Grupo Suaval

Asbestos Abatement

Commitment with the environment

Extensive history and vast experience in dismantling hazardous insulations for industry in general, with special relevance in the nuclear energy sector.

Included in the RERA

The Suaval Group, through its subsidiary Wanner Technical Insulation, has been registered with the RERA (Registry of Companies at risk for asbestos) for several decades, having a long history in removing and managing potentially hazardous insulation materials.

Safety. Decontamination

We follow the strictest protocols, guaranteeing the safety of our factory workers, by installing access tunnels and decontamination chambers.


  • Insulation removal from the high-pressure turbine during the refueling of PWR II at the Asco nuclear power plant in Tarragon (ES)  /
  • Insulation dismantling at the Vandellós I nuclear power plant in Tarragona (ES)  /
  • Insulation removal from piping for the refueling of PWR I and II at the Asco nuclear power plant in Tarragona (ES)  /
  • Removal of fibrocement coverings at the Interquisa warehouses in San Roque (ES)  /
  • Insulation removal from MSR piping and equipment at the Almaraz nuclear power plant in Caceres (ES)  /
  • Removal of fibrocement coverings from Vandellós II nuclear power plant warehouses in Tarragona (ES)  /
  • Insulation removal from a boiler at the Boehringer Ingelheim factory in Malgrat de Mar (ES)  /
  • Insulation removal from different areas at the Repsol YPF refinery in Tarragona (ES)  /
  • Insulation removal at the Unelco Jinamar thermal power plant (ENDESA) in Canary Islands (ES)  /
  • Dismantling of the auxiliary boilers, coverings, and facings of the Asco nuclear power plant building in Tarragona (ES)


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