Grupo Suaval


11 / 09 / 2022

HEALS - HTF Early Leak Detection Sensor


The main objective of the HEALS project is to detect HTF leaks at an early stage of the leak to increase the operational safety and profitability of PTC plants, while reducing their environmental impact through the development of an integrated autonomous IR gas detector. in the ball joint insulations that is capable of detecting leaking gases around the joint and continuously reporting the leak status to the plant operator.


The main activities of AISLAMIENTOS SUAVAL S.A. within this project are:
Lead activities T1.1, T2.1 and T2.3, T3.1 and T3.3, T4.1 and T4.3, T5.1 and T5.4 and actively participate in the rest, among which it is worth highlighting :

          * Definition of preliminary technical and functional specifications
          * Development of prototypes for the implementation of the sensor in the commercial insulation of ball-joints
          * Final prototype validation
          * Review of prototype design improvements for serial manufacturability.