Grupo Suaval


06 / 04 / 2018

Suaval Group

Wanner official distribuitor of Aspen Aerogels for Spain and Portugal.

Suaval Group, through its brach Wanner Technical Insulation, is a Gold Partner for Aspen Aerogels,and the official distribuitor of Aspen Aerogels in Spain and Portugal.

Aerogel es the lowest density solid. This makes the material have excelent properties as an insulation material. Suaval recommends the use of Aerogel based materials when there is a high risk of corrossion as Aerogel is hydrophobic. It is also highly recommended to prefent corrossion under insulation CUI.

For further information about the products Pyrogel XTE, Pyrogel XTF, Pyrogel HPS and Cryogel Z you may visit Aerogel website.